Webquest Questions


Tortoises are reptiles and they have a shell, which protects them from other animals. Some tortoises are small and others can grow to over a metre long. Tortoises are the longest-living animals in the world, normally living between 80-150 years.
Tortoises are very relaxed and slow animals and they normally live on land. As reptiles, they lay eggs, which they cover with sand or earth.
Tortoises have short legs, a tail and a very small brain. They are herbivores and eat grass, flowers and some fruits.

Red Eyed Tree Frog

The red-eyed tree frog lives in Central and South America and has bright red eyes. It makes its home in rainforests and rivers and is an amphibian. It is very colourful and has a bright green body with a yellow and blue stripe on its side. It has sticky feet, which help it to climb in the trees and sit on leaves. It is normally around 3-5 centimetres long. Tree frogs start life as an egg and change to tadpoles before transforming into frogs. They normally live for around 5 years.
Tree frogs can jump very well and use camouflage to hide from other animals and use their bright red eyes to scare animals that want to eat them. They are nocturnal and sleep during the day. They eat crickets, flies and other insects.


The goldfish is a very popular pet that is native to East Asia. It lives in freshwater and is often orange, yellow or gold in colour but sometimes can be red, brown or even black. Goldfish are normally quite small, around 2.5 centimetres. The biggest ever goldfish was an amazing 48 centimetres long and lived in Holland.
People say that fish do not have a good memory but we now know that they can learn and are very friendly. They also have good vision and hearing.


The skunk is a mammal, which lives in America, Canada and Mexico. It lives under the ground in a den, normally in a forest or field. Skunks are black and white and have long tails. They are famous for the horrible smelling gas they can produce from under their tail! It´s a great way to scare away other animals.
They have a good sense of smell and hearing but their vision is not very good. They are omnivorous and like to eat insects and small animals as well as fruit, leaves and nuts.
Skunks can grow to around 94cm long and have very strong front claws for digging. They have five toes on each foot – like us! They normally live for around seven years.


The ladybird is an insect similar to a small beetle. They live all around the world and are normally red, yellow or orange with black spots and they have six short legs. They like the spring and summer, when the weather is good. In the winter they hibernate.
Ladybirds can fly and go from leaf to leaf looking for food. They like to eat caterpillars, aphids and eggs from other insects. They can live 2-3 years in the wild. One ladybird can eat up to 5,000 insects in its life!
There is a reason the ladybird is brightly coloured. It tells other animals not to eat them because they taste horrible!

Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is an insect that lives all around Europe, Asia, Africa and America. It has long front legs, which make it look like it is praying. Like all insects, it has six legs but it also has wings and a very strange triangular head. It also has an ear on its tummy, which can hear lots of different frequencies!
The praying mantis can stand tall and make itself look very big to scare other animals. It is also camouflaged! It is a very bright green so it can hide in long green grass. They like to eat other insects like grasshoppers and crickets.


Sparrows are small birds that live near houses all over the world. They are normally around 16cm long and grey or brown in colour. They have a beak, two wings and a short tail.
They eat grass, nuts and small insects and like to play with their friends and family by singing or having a bath. They have an interesting call which sounds like “chirrup”.
Sparrows build nests in trees or in the rooves of houses. Like all birds, sparrows lay eggs. The eggs are white with grey spots.